Top Five Educational Technology Blogs

Top Five Educational Technology Blogs

Top Five Educational Technology Blogs

Top Five Educational Technology Blogs

Although I would love to promote my own educational strategies and technology blog, Revolutionize Education, there are five great educational technology blogs that I make sure to check at least once a week to get ideas for my teaching. These websites have regular updates and many of the things they post are technologies I’ve never even heard or thought of. These websites inspire the often and efficiently throughout the curriculum.

I find myself adding new educational blogs to my favorites on a daily basis but here are the top five educational technology blogs that I’ve ever seen.

Jane’s Pick of the Day

Jane Hart’s blog was actually the first educational blog that I ever started to follow on a regular basis. She is always bringing new ideas to the table from her experience working with technology and explaining how to use technology in the classroom at the many workshops she attends. Her yearly, top 100 lists for useful technologies in the classroom is a thing of beauty and I look for ideas from it frequently.

iLearn Technology

This blog has been a favorite of mine for a while. Kelly Tenkely is a technology integration consultant after spending years of teaching. A lot of the technologies on this website are easily transitioned to the classroom as she provides a lot of examples and ideas for how to use stuff. The technology presented on her website can be applied to so many different subjects that it is truly remarkable.

Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day
Great website created by Larry Farlazzo that is aimed towards providing resources for teachers of ELL, ESL and EFL. A lot of resources can translate to any subject.


Erin Klein is the author of this great new blog. Just recently running across this blog, I immediately searched through it and was amazed at the amount of resources that I had never seen on these other great technology websites. There is especially a lot for the elementary level instructor.

Free Technology For Teachers
Richard Byrne knows his technology. He has been nominated for a lot of awards and accolades for his role in making technology relevant. His website is great for social studies teachers especially as he shows a lot of ways that technology can be used for teaching current events. This is a must-read for every teacher that wants to incorporate some technology in the classroom and at the top of my favorites list.

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