About us

Our mission is to understand how students learn.

Today most data solutions in education focus on creating cluttered dashboards and end up adding more noise to all the data that already exists. Amidst all this noise, it's easy to get lost and overwhelmed.

We think it's time for a personal service to help school district administrators make sense of all the data they already have and gather only the additional data they need. We think it's time for responsive service from a real human who knows what each school district's unique needs are and can make sure they have the right insights at the right time.

We're building an awesome team of designers, engineers, data scientists, and business people - an ambitious team committed to delivering an exceptional experience to our customers.

Garros Li

Co-Founder, President

Qiming Weng

Co-Founder, CTO

Vikram Somasundaram

Co-Founder, CEO

Ashley Barby

Director of School Success

Mark Oberemk

Lead Software Developer

Ian Van Den Heuvel

Software Developer

Bradley Colthurst

Software Developer

Hanna Jones

Software Developer