The Characteristics of Falcons

One of the toughest and interesting aerial predators that exist in this world are the Falcons. Aside from being the strongest animal in the sky, they also have a jaw-dropping hunting strategy. They are the inspiration for the formation of fighter jets. They are not only known for their fast speed but also their capability to use their full force that can kill even us humans.

Falcons have different sub-types that are present in North America and other areas around the world. North America is the area where other types of Falcons are found, including the Gyr Falcon, Merlin, American Kestrel, Prairie Falcon, and the not-so-famous Peregrine Falcon. Unlike the most Falcon types, the Kestrels use different techniques to hunt a prey.

The Characteristics of Falcons

Falcons are the dangerous predators of other birds, including grouse, pigeons, ducks, and many more. When they spot a prey, they will flap their wings and fly around the prey’s area. When ready to attack, they will dive directly to their food.

You might be asking why falcons perform corkscrew fashion when diving if they can get their prey easily by diving in a straight line. Well, this is because, through corkscrew fashion, their prey will never go out of their sight.

One of the falcons’ amazing physical features is that they have a long narrow tail that they use to perform amazing turns and long narrow wings used for fast flying and diving. They only need a single strike to take away the breath of their prey completely.

One of the fastest types of falcons is the Peregrine falcon. It reached the diving speed of 232 miles per hour. This predator only weighs two pounds. But despite that, they can take down a 9-pound large sage grouse with a single attack. In the falconry world, the main purpose of the falconers for breeding these falcons is its capability to hunt. They commonly use a half Gyr falcon and half peregrine falcon to produce the most popular falcon breed.

The offspring produced by breeding Gyr falcon and Peregrine Falcone is an ideal predator for hunting sage grouse. This breed gets its tenacity from the peregrine falcon parent and the size from its Gyr falcon parent. Peregrine falcon is one of the most popular types of falcons around the world because of its capability to hunt effectively and its fast speed. Another one is the Gyr falcon, which is the largest among the different types but can still fly and dive at a speedy pace.

For the past years, the population Peregrine falcon has decreased because of DDT’s uses, a chemical pesticide used by the farmers to protect their crops. Luckily, the United States banned this chemical from the market. Since then, the different bird species, including the Peregrine Falcon, have been fully recovered. The Peregrine is a common type of Falcon that can create their own nest, with similarities to a cliff.

After reading this post, you are probably amazed by the characteristics to possess by a Falcon. They are one of the amazing predators in the sky!

Rachel Evans