Ph.D Who? 5 Life Lessons Learned from Doctor Who

Ph.D Who? 5 Life Lessons Learned from Doctor Who
Ph.D Who? 5 Life Lessons Learned from Doctor Who

Ph.D Who? 5 Life Lessons Learned from Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a British science fiction series following the exploits of The Doctor, a two-hearted alien from the planet of Gallifrey who travels space and time, frequently with human companions. Here are some vital life lessons that can be learned from their adventures:

5 – When all else fails, improvise!

Should you find yourself in a tight spot, perhaps surrounded by homicidal pepper shaker shaped creatures bent on your destruction, the ability to think on your feet is a positive trait. Always keep your wits about you and approach each situation with an open mind.

4 – Being weird is perfectly okay

Above all else, remember to be true to yourself. It’s healthy to take time to be childish and spontaneous. You may not necessarily choose to wear a bow tie/fez combination out into public, but never be afraid to take a few risks in the name of fun. Try not to allow yourself to become overly cynical and pessimistic.

3 – The bad things in life cannot ruin the good

It’s inevitable that bad things will happen in life and, in some cases, these events can be tragic. It can be difficult to think positively on these events but one should always try to find the silver lining and learn an important lesson. Remember the good times with those who have been lost and do not let the down times take away from those that are good.

2 – No one is unimportant

There are no trivial beings on this (or any other!) world. Every person has their part to play and their change to make. No one person should be wholly disregarded or considered to be below another. One should also make sure to apply to oneself. A feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming, but search deep and you will find the value in yourself.

1 – Compassion for other beings is never over-rated

At his basic level, The Doctor is an alien from another world who, at sometimes random chance, frequently finds himself in a battle to save the earth. What is his reason to do so? Simply, he feels he has to. Even those who battle against the Doctor find themselves spared harm unless no other option presents itself.

The Doctor, anatomically, has two hearts. The most important lesson that we can take from my favorite show is that we humans with just one should not let it be far too small.

Rachel Evans