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Best android apps to learn a new language

Posted by Rachel Evans on
Best android apps to learn a new language

Learning a new language can be very helpful to everyone. This can help us communicate with other nationalities. This may also add up to our resumé for our work. However, learning a new language can be tough if you don’t know where to find a good apps: aplicaciones para aprender ingles gratuitas. On the other there are some best apps to learn a language on the playstore.

Best apps to learn a language:

1. Babbel

Babbel mobile learning application offers a wide range of free and paid learning services. This app provides their clients with 14 different languages. The free version of Babbel contains 40 excellent language classes. This enables the users to really learn basics of their desired language without paying subscription. If you can already learn on the free version of Babbel, then it means this app is by far one of the best apps to learn a language.

Babbel mobile learning application aims to target specific learning areas such as grammar and vocabulary. This would basically help the users to generally create and construct sentences of their desired language. Babbel has proven their excellent services to many language learners. It has been said by many users that it is extremely user friendly and has a fairly low subscription price compared to other language learning apps.

2. Busuu

Busuu is a mobile application that allows people to learn language interactively. Busuu app lets their users to pick any of their 12 languages offered. These languages are offered on full courses. This mobile learning application has free starter features. On the other hand, its monthly subscription offers premium features and functionalities that will surely make you fluent.

The interactive feature of Busuu allows people to interact with native language speakers. This feature can help you boost the learning process because the speaker knows the language well. Busuu app also gives challenges to their customers. These challenges help them memorize and understand the language better. Some of the challenges require the learner to change incorrect or inappropriate words on the sentences.

Busuu also allows you to download videos, but you have to do it with an external application like the one in this link

3. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular and best apps to learn a language. This app offers a wide variety of language to choose from. It is free and perfect for beginners. It is very easy to use because it has a user-friendly interface.

Duolingo aims to teach language to their users on a thorough process. They do a step-by-step learning process in order for the learners to grasp the knowledge very well. Duolingo stands firm on the idea that there are no shortcuts in learning a language. They make it a point that all users can learn from their app excellently. This is what makes Duolingo one of the best apps to learn a language.

4. Memrise

The Memrise language learning app is an excellent mobile application for expanding language vocabulary. This app aims to provide a fun and engaging way of learning characters in different languages. It is user-friendly and perfect for beginners. This app provides games that help learners memorize specific characters and meanings.

Memrise app aims to develop its learning strategy through a series of repetition and mnemonic codes. This will help the learners to thoroughly learn their desired language. This will also significantly increase their vocabulary skills in the language. Memrise schedules their time-relevant reviews and notifies the user to study on the app. Many users marked this app as a high-quality learning app and have free valuable features.

5. Hellotalk

Hellotalk is a mobile learning app that provides an interactive language learning. This language learning app is free and user-friendly. It has a unique functionality that connects the user to a native speaker through a chat platform. The user may message or speak to the native speaker. This will then create an engaging learning experience for the users. This will also help the language learners on how to speak their desired language correctly.

Hellotalk mobile learning app aims to help users learn their language by interactively communicating with native speakers. It also has a camera and doodle share for a more engaging learning experience. Users may use the doodle share to draw characters of different languages for the native users to check. On the other hand, the paid subscription includes premium features such as translation, transliteration, and voice recognition. The users may also save the exchanges for future reviews.