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Best Website for Online Education during the Covid Pandemic

Posted by Rachel Evans on
Best Website for Online Education during the Covid Pandemic

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic took the whole world by surprise, but maybe the most affected category of people were the ones involved in education. From the pupils that had to change the way they learn and to adapt to the online, to the teachers that were forced to move their tools on the web, everyone was involved in a collective effort to continue education even during these difficult times.



Why a website is needed for online education


The most used tools used for these purposes were and the traditional Skype. Even if those tools are efficient in delivering education online, teachers soon realized they need new ways to communicate with students. 


If you are in this situation as well, you probably thought about making a website where you can upload teaching materials, but also to communicate with students and even parents through chats and video. Well, there are many  companies that can make this happen really fast. 


Features you can have with an education website


It is possible to create a website behaving just like a real classroom happening online. A teacher can host live video conferences with all the pupils, ask for attendance, and even check how much time each student is online. Everyone can communicate and share ideas, and the host can see what the participants are talking between them. 


Parents of younger children can check the progress of learning and make improvements where required. It is possible to give homework online and mark the students as well. As for exams, even those are possible with the capacities of the internet today. You can grade the exam papers as well and give students and parents feedback about results and improvement. 


The downside of online education websites


It is easy to make such a website with the support of the right website development company, and it should not be expensive either. The problem with education online is that it is based on video and live communication. These take more resources than a simple blog so that the  might advise you on a Virtual Private Server or even a dedicated server instead of the standard .

However, during the Covid pandemic, governments made funds available for education innovation, so you might be able to deduct your expenses with making such a website. 

A VPN or private server has enough resources to host an education website for the entire school or faculty. Anytime in the future, we might live another event such as this medical emergency, and we will be forced to move education online again. We have to make sure we are ready for that, and educational websites will be crucial when that time comes. 

Online education comes with other problems such as adaptation for some students and the lack of IT skills of some teachers. Teaching websites should offer resources for students to adapt to online learning. As for technical support, any person can put a page online in hours without any website development knowledge with the right hosting company.