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A Change in Technology, a Change in Higher Education

Posted by Rachel Evans on
A Change in Technology, a Change in Higher Education
A Change in Technology, a Change in Higher Education

A Change in Technology, a Change in Higher Education

When I was a kid, we lived in a rural area; actually I still live in a rural area. My parents actually had a rotary phone and even a party line where you had to wait to use the phone if the neighbor was on the other end. Talk about the lack of privacy. So I can definitely see how technology has changed over the years.


In fact, in the last decade, the impact technology has had on my life has been a positive experience that will last me a lifetime. I went from a dial up modem on my first computer to a Wi-Fi connection my newest computer which has given me a chance to learn and research at great speed.

The changing technology that has been developed over the last ten years has allowed me to return to college full-time; a task that I never thought I would be able to complete at this stage in my life. The great aspect of this change in technology is that I have been able to take full time classes on line through an accredited college.

In the beginning I was nervous about taking classes online, the new programs that I needed to use for the classes were intimidating. But through step by step instructions and helpful customers’ service representation, I was able to download the programs for my classes that enabled me to write papers in APA format, use a webcam for speeches and group projects as well as learn how to use video chat to communicate with my peers. I would have never thought this type of techniques could be used in such an efficient manner.

The numerous hours that I have spent on line researching for my class papers, discussion questions and whatever assignments my professors have managed to throw my way has been the best learning experience that I could ever have imagined. Researching online has been a much simpler task since the . I can find numerous peer-reviewed and scholarly articles right at my fingertips.

The change in technology has also changed education which has had an impact on my life. In fact the impact will be seen in eight weeks when I receive my MBA from Baker College. I would have never thought this would have been possible. The completion of my degree will be one of the larger goals that I can cross off my bucket list.