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AntWorks Space Age Ant Farm: Educational & Entertaining

Posted by Rachel Evans on
AntWorks Space Age Ant Farm: Educational & Entertaining

AntWorks Space Age Ant Farm: Educational & Entertaining

AntWorks Space Age Ant Farm: Educational & Entertaining

The AntWorks Ant Farm Space Age Ant Habitat is an incredible, highly educational eco-based item that can be used to teach children about how ants live. Studying them in the wild isn’t always the best way to go about learning about ants; you never know when they are going to be active and most of the action is happening underground. Thanks to AntWorks you can see exactly what these amazing creatures are up to. Unlike ant farms that are made up of dirt, the Space Age Ant Habitat contains a clear, non-toxic silicone based gel. The ants tunnel and dig through it as they prepare the colony for habitation.

How is this educational? It can allow children to see exactly how ants work together for the greater good of their community. Since most ants have a lifespan of about six months, you won’t have to worry about replacing all that often. You will have to find an ant colony to harvest your ants; there are none included with the kit and unlike the Uncle Milton Ant Farm, you can not send away for them. There are sites that sell this ant farm and then send you ants but they are not connected with AntWorks. Most sites that sell ants are going to have Harvester Ants; they are social creatures that are very hard workers so you will see a lot of action in your ant farm.

You do not have to feed your ants or provide them with water; the silicone gel that they are tunneling through is what they consume. It is suggested that you remove the lid from time to time to allow fresh air inside it. We also drop about 20 sugar crystals in the ant farm as a little treat for them. The ants do all the work including removing waste, expired ants and pieces of silicone that may have broken off. It is amazing to see what they can do in a 24 hour period. If you have a digital camera you can set it up in a fixed position and take a photograph of it every day or several times a day. You can upload the photos and see how much progress they have made.

Some hints for a successful Space Age Ant Habitat:
1. Do not place it in direct sunlight as it could super heat and kill the ants.
2. Do not shake the habitat or move it around a lot, it disturbs the ants and their navigation skills.
3. Do not add new ants to the habitat until they have all died off. They will more than likely be from different colonies and that could cause a fight.

You can get the AntWorks Illuminated Combination Ant Farm in three colors; green, blue or red. Of the three the blue is the one that I like best, it is a lot easier on your eyes if you plan on studying the ants for a long period of time. You can get the ant farm for $19.99 or the Illuminated Combination Ant Farm for $29.99; that has an under deck light up module that lets you watch them at night or when you don’t want to have an overhead light on. It isn’t all that bright but it is enough to light up the entire any farm and surrounding area.

If you are interested in this ant farm you can order it directly from AntWorks at their website (www.antworksonline.com).